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1. The Atomic Power Of Prayer
2. The Artist Within You
3. The Meaning Of Names

December 2, 2011
It's Time To PRAY
The Atomic Power Of Prayer
-Dr. Cindy Trimm
 This Prayer has been created for those experiencing spiritual resistance, delays in receiving answers to prayers, and those awaiting the next level of breakthrough in their communities, nations, relationships, ministry, business and personal life. This spiritual warfare prayer is directed at spirits and not human beings; hence the word "spiritual." When you utilize this, you will be empowered to: Pray a higher level of proficiency- Gain Prayer Stamina- Utilize cutting edge prayer vocabulary, strategies and technologies- Over come resistance- Shatter glass ceilings- Remove barricades- Secure breakthroughs in all areas of your life- re-enforce your authority over the power of the enemy- land a death blow upon your enemies- acquire greater knowledge in the discipline of spiritual warfare-

Have You Ever Thought Of Yourself As An Artist?
Artists are consumed with being unique. They search and study extensively to develop a distinctive style. Galleries encourage this malady by requesting a body of work ‘with a consistent style’. I suggest a different perspective. The intelligent design evidenced by all God’s creation, demonstrates uniqueness at every level. It is built into each of us as human beings. We have been ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ Ps 139:14. If even our fingerprints are unique, why do we strive for individuality in our work?  Should it not be self evident that all that we create will bear His distinctive stamp and ours, because we are unique?

Do we chase after a style, because we are more prone to imitate, than create?  Perhaps a lack of appreciation of our uniqueness is the culprit. It causes us to consider another's expression as more valid. It may even be our innate covetous nature that desires another’s fingerprint than our own.  Friend, as you consider how totally unique God made you, may you remember this one lesson. The best thing that you can do, as a Christian artist, is to be yourself.



Ϟ The Meaning Behind A Name Defines Purpose Ϟ

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind your name?  For the Sons and Daughters of God our names have amazing biblical and spiritual meanings.  Take a close look at the meaning of your name and an even closer look at the genealogical order of the meaning of your name within your family tree to help you define your position as a contributing member.

The Meaning Of Names
Chuck Missler
-An Informative, Inspiring Bible Scholar


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