Thursday, 10 November 2011

Let's Pray

Dear God,

Create in me a clean heart and cause me to have a steadfast spirit that I might not faint in doing good. I am willing to see beauty instead of ashes. The ashes of my life only serve to teach me lessons on how to overcome the next time. Life springs out of my ashes and I embrace the destiny perpetuated by lessons learned.

Lord, help me to walk in the fullness of all You call me to be and not limit You to any earthly standard of man or lie of the enemy. Holy Spirit, teach me to let the kingdom of God within to have precedence over my circumstances and environment. Let faith mount up on eagle’s wings in my heart to bear words of anointing and power.

I confess that I am made to be a victor and I am a victor according to Your Word. Your promises are yes and amen in my life and I will not be dismayed. My heart is a pure heart with only one desire—to please the Lord in all it says and does. I refuse condemnation over any lack of success in my desire to please the Lord and live according to His Word. I release myself of all blame and receive the forgiveness bought by the precious blood of the lamb. I put my failures behind me and feed only on the fresh manna found in daily communion with Father. I let go of all distractions and embrace a new day in the Lord. I do an about face to move in the direction of His wind.

Mercy and goodness is my portion. I embrace goodness, which is all right thinking and actions. I take my thoughts captive and speak words of life. My heart is a beautiful garden and produces life and not death. My eyes see and my heart embraces purpose and destiny moment by moment. My hope is not deferred and I am courageous in the Lord. Amen

Prayer of Inspiration by Brenda Craig
Journals of the Heart

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