Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Let's Pray

Father, I thank You for Your guidance into new realms of Glory. I pray that You would enlighten the eyes of my heart so that I would experientially know the inheritance of glory that lies within me. I ask that You would blanket me with Your tangible, manifested presence as You blanket the Body of Christ with Your cloud of Glory.  Let the cry of Moses resound in my own heart:

Lord I pray that You, show me Your Glory!

Father, let me continually see Your goodness pass before me. Jesus please wash me with the revelation of Your Word - and sanctify me so that I will be a resting place for Your holy habitation. Lord, I know that You will present to Yourself the Church in all her Glory.

Holy Spirit, teach me how to move and operate in the realm of Glory as this time of acceleration is upon the earth, that I may arise in unity of faith, in the experiential knowledge of Jesus the Son of God, with unparalleled demonstrations of the Kingdom of Power and Glory.  As I am a manifest child of God - apart of the Rising Glory Generation.

            In Jesus' name, Amen.

Jeff Jansen
Global Fire Ministries

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