Friday, 2 December 2011

The Will Of God

Today's Gospel Truth ~ "Not everyone that saith unto me; Lord, Lord will enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." Matthew 7:21

Even though as believers we do what is good it is much more important for us to be in and do God's will daily.  God's will for each life is different thus it is important that we know his specific will for our lives and carry them out. 

We are now in one of the most exciting seasons of the year, when all the bells start ringing, sales begin chirping, and cool winter days fills  the air with joy and happy expectations.  We often find that during these special seasons lists become long while time seem to get shorter, we find ourselves in the rush of getting it all done while God is still waiting to tell us what to do.  While there are some things we may do often like attend service regularly, pay our tithes, or sing in the choir there is much more we can do.  It is like working in a company, it has daily expectations of you but only those who show true diligence are rewarded.

As believers we can chose to live our lives carrying a name tag of a Christian or a Christian who is about his Father's business and doing his will.  How many weeks out of the year do we include feeding the hungry, visiting the sick, helping the homeless, or assisting mission projects as apart of our list of things to do?  Today many Christians are following their own self will {sharing a half of the cake for the after service Sunday gathering when they have the ability to provide an entire cake), thinking they are in right standing with God, hoping they will make it into heaven.  Jesus clearly stated in this verse that Those Who Are DOING The Will Of MY FATHER Will Enter Into Heaven.  He never compromised on this issue, he said, "It is those that are doing the will of the Father who is given eternal life." 1 John 2:17

Forsaking your own self will and doing the will of God is not an option, nor something to take lightly, it is a requirement for every believer.  As we get ready for the next level  of a new year we must know the will of God for our lives and manage them daily by carry them out.  As we enjoy this season of joy and bliss let us remain mindful to keep that list of things we need to do for our Father checked off so that he too will have pleasant holiday season with us.  **AMEN**


Precious Father,
Thank you for your blessing of another holiday season which you have granted me.  I appreciate your loving kindness and tender mercy.  You have been faithful to me the entire year and now you have allowed me anther season of joy and peace with my family and friends.  Father, as I seek to make this holiday season special with my family and friends I would also like to make this season extra special for you.  Please give my heart the desires you would like for me to do for you that will make you happy, bless me with the ability to see the real need of that person or persons you want me to reach out to.  Help me to not only carry you but also to leak you in such a mighty way this season that those around me will feel like they have been touched by you this year in the loving name of Jesus I pray.  **AMEN**

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