Sunday, 13 May 2012

Calling Mother

A Happy Mother's Day Call

In the ear of the hearer not only are words important but the way they’re delivered is even more important, this is why we are to be attentive when we speak so that the one receiving may receive the sincere message of our heart.  While this is a common practice every day there are several days throughout the year that give us the opportunity to give more attention to utilizing this regular practice.  Such a day for this purpose is May 12 on which we celebrate Mother's Day.  On this day, we give special attention to our Mothers, their strengths, all they have done for us, and their accomplishments.   Mothers are the world's greatest and most priceless gems and they deserve all the love that we can give to them each and every day.

For the mere fact that God decided to partnership with Mothers to deliver his precious gifts (Sons and Daughters) around the world speak volumes, and declares that Mothers are to be cherished.   Not only did God choose for each of us to enter the world but also he started our development process in the womb of one of his dear chosen vessels.  We all began life in a womb where we were kept safe, warm, nourished, and we grew into that tiny little being we were created to be.  In spite of all the circumstances Mother may of had to deal with during our time of formation within the womb she kept us safe and nourished.  The love of a Mother goes beyond what we can see for each of her children, regardless of differences, disappointments, or challenges.  God could not of partnered with anyone better than Mother to deliver his gifts into the earth. 

For this reason today is one of the greatest days to Call Mother, to deliver those important words that will make her smile, make her laugh, and make her cry as we share the many memories we remember having with her.  Let us commit to Calling Mother.

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