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It's Not Your Fault

This is the place where poor health diagnoses are rejected and instead the People of God declare that they have been

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It's Not Your Fault

As independent people, we often hold ourselves responsible for what happens or does not happen in our lives. By right we have been given gifts and abilities by our Creator to do a lot of things in our lives, and being able to operate in an independent manner for years one would naturally become used to taking on the responsibility of being the one to get things done for him/ herself whatever they may be. Having the ability to receive an education and utilizing this gift to obtain a job is a great example of independence, as at the end of the day it gives a reward that makes room for one to acquire many other things in life such as; a place to live, food, clothing, a car, and so much more. Being independent is a gift within itself that we do not usually pay much attention to but has so many rewards; it offers freedom from influence or control of others; non-reliance on other’s help with basic functions for existence, daily support, financial assistance, and so on. In the life of an independent individual whenever they receive news that something is wrong, whether in their life or the life of another, someone close to them they automatically begin to think about what they can do to help ease or solve the problem. Rightfully so mankind on the whole are wired to take care of situations, find solutions, and solve problems, it is a part of our natural makeup.

At the age of nine Charles has learnt the skill of independence in which he constantly shows kindness in solving a small problem he has noticed in his class. One day he observed a little girl at lunchtime that did not have lunch so he offered her some of his own. Beyond doing that Charles asked his mother later that afternoon if she would please pack two bags of lunch for him in the mornings as one of the girls in his class didn't have any. Charles then did something so amazing, as soon as he noticed the little girl's mother pull up to drop her of the next morning he motioned that he wanted to ask her a question. The mother quite curious waited for Charles to come over to her car, at this time the little girl had already gone to her classroom. Charles then gave the bag of lunch to the little girl's mother and told her that he wanted her to please give it to her daughter herself so that she would not know it came from him, as he did not want her in any way to feel embarrassed. Charles has been doing this now for almost two years and the little girl does not know where her lunch comes from in the mornings. Charles at the age of nine saw a problem and reached within himself for the answer to solve it and thus doing so he made sure that a little girl has food before her everyday at lunchtime. Charles being such an independent gentleman will more than likely look out for that little girl throughout high school.

When we in turn receive reports concerning ourselves that we are not able to effectively address, we tend to become disappointed, frustrated, and many times angry with ourselves for not being able to turn the situation around. This is when thoughts of blame begin to surface within our minds, thoughts demanding that it is our fault for what has or did not happen, thoughts that we should have seen it coming, and thoughts that we are not even smart enough to solve the problem. Yes blame has the bluffing ability to play a dirty game in our minds, it will present a bold, strong case with all the facts and mislead you to think that you are to blame yourself for your condition as it relates to an unexpected diagnose. When it comes to health concerns many lives shift everyday from being independent to becoming totally reliant on someone else. This not only causes a personal shift to take place physically, but mentally, socially, spiritually, and many times financially. However, the one having to go through or the one the ordeal is happening to has the most difficult job throughout the process. At times, it would seem like it takes all the energy in the world to remain optimistic in the season of adversity. It is my personal belief that an adversity is another form of a challenge, and a challenge comes to test your God given abilities to see how you hold up to and with stand the test.

A bad report or a bad diagnose is not your fault, especially when you've been known to have good reports with health checkups, have been paying attention to your health by exercising and eating right as even in these cases the worse reports are given. At times the body just does the opposite of what we plan for it to do, thus putting us in a place that will require a lifestyle change in many ways. In such complex challenges instead of blaming ourselves for what happened we have to put all of our hope, faith, and trust in God who has promised that he will never leave us nor forsake us {Hebrews 13:5}. Of course, in many cases when dealing with a bad report one can become so lost that it would even take what seem like a long hard process to even feel that it is okay to talk to God nevertheless, God is always right there with you in the trial strengthening and keeping you. As it is God who watches over us each day, he is mindful of our hurt, pain, and struggles, and with a watchful eye he sees what we are able to bear and helps us along. When thoughts of blame surface in your mind remind yourself that God has made a way for you and you are living in his grace for his glory, thus thoughts of negativity will have to flee because you are Diagnosed With Destiny.

May 17,  2012   9:27am
It's Not Your Fault
Scripture - King James Version

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