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Diagnosed With Destiny

ϞDiagnosed With Destiny© Ϟ

On the afternoon of July 7, 2011 Atmospheric Changers was given the inspiration to begin a new section of our Ministry of Encouragement called DIAGNOSED With DESTINY.  Our new page is for the purpose of specifically sharing encouragement with those who have received life threatening medical diagnoses.  However, due to the constant struggles of ongoing challenges DWD was been delayed and is now coming of the drawing board to you for the purpose to keep you uplifted and motivated as you go through your time of physical challenge.
Have you ever been on the receiving end of an untimely diagnoses? The news of an untimely diagnose shatters one's entire life at more then one level. A diagnose not only effects the receiver's life but it also changes life as usual for the immediate family and even more so, the care-giver. Other entities such as the work environment, church, and social involvement mau also become effected but not as harshly as the receiver of this calamity.

In spite of the diagnose you have received whether; disease, foreclosure, lost of work, etc. Diagnosed with Destiny has been formed for the purpose to:
Ϟ►  Remind you of Hope,
Ϟ Inspire to remain in faith,
Ϟ Uplift when your reality is weighing you down,
Ϟ Educate you by sharing excellent nutritional remedies and methods, and
Ϟ Reinitiate Your Heart's Desire to Live Above the Expectation of your Diagnose.

With the love of God our Creator of Health, Healing, and Wholeness we present to you a new way of thinking regardless of the sad news you've received, today we proudly present to you DIAGNOSED With DESTINY.

Ϟ✿✿✿******✿✿✿******✿✿✿******✿✿✿******✿✿✿ Ϟ

She was diagnosed with what everyone calls the 'Big C' but when she gave it to GOD, it transformed into a little c which she Won Eventually! Saved and Delivered because she was
Diagnosed With Destiny!
Have You Ever Had A Diagnose? ~ Even though the word Diagnose is synonymous with sickness scientific examination daily offer many different types of diagnoses which include; health, financial dilemma, and career adjustments.   We are certain that in spite of your diagnoses, you can have a holistic healing experience and a turnaround. Diagnosed With Destiny is determined to hold on with you as a body of Faith Believing Partners who not only speak a language of similarity but Believes in the Greater Will for Your Life.

Thank you for coming by and joining us at DIAGNOSED With DESTINY!  We look forward to hearing from you so that we may unite with you in Prayer for the Atmospheric Change of diagnose that has come to destroy your Destiny.


Thinking About Health

Let's begin our Nutritional Remedies and Methods section by chatting about the healing properties of Essential Oils.  Have you
ever heard about the Oils of Ancient Scripture and thier many health benefits?   When it come to the subject of Health there are some real protected secrets floating around that only the select few know about.  Theses are the kind of secrets that people with major health concerns pay a lot of money for in hopes to get the answers they need.  Well for years we have been privelidged to the truth from the word of God that the leaves of trees are for healing and we get our oils which is the 'blood' of the tree from the leaves and the barks of trees.  The healing benefits of Essential Oils has also been throughly researched by the Young Living Essential Oil Company who have openly shared thier research about the benefits of the natural healing abilities of these oils.  Take a look and see for yourself ....
Questions??? .... Should you have any questions please drop us a line on our Contact Page.

    "The leaves of the Tree are for healing the nations."  
Revelation 22:2

When it comes to the ways of Natural Methods that help the body maintain it's health there is so much to reveal and so much to learn,
please stay tuned as there is a lot more to come on this topic.
Visit our contact page to contact for links that will offer more info.

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