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STOP! Don't Push Jesus Away

Today's Gospel Truth ~  "And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent."  John 17:3

We say that we love Him with all our hearts yet we push Him away with our actions.  Have you ever found yourself asking, "Why do I push Jesus away so often?"  Jesus, our elder brother is the only one who came from heaven to live on earth after man destroyed the initial plan God had for the world to redeem man back to God and for the purpose of setting the ultimate example for us by teaching us how to live effectively and supernaturally in a chaotic world.  Jesus came to exemplify God's grace, love, hope, and faithfulness for our lives, as the way He lived and used theses blessings along with so many others, it is the same way we are to live.

Recently more than ever we keep hearing the word 'grace', it is indeed a word that carries a beautiful sound that resonates in our spirits when we hear it, because we naturally associate grace with God's always abounding love.  In the grace of God we know deep within our hearts that God's love for us is grand, that He has open arms to receive us no matter where we may be, and that He smiles proudly when we come to Him.  In God's grace we hold onto the fact that all things will work together for our good.  Yes this grace is a powerful tool filled with abiding love that has been fashioned just for us.

When Jesus walked the earth it was this grace that He imparted everywhere He went.  Do you remember the way He handled the situation with the prostitute?  He drew the line in the sand and challenged the people to cross the line by judging her.  The story about the woman with the issue of blood, he told her that her faith made her whole and that she was free to go and live in wholeness.  Jesus in both of these cases did not once remind the women of their past, their sins, or even demanded them to repent, He simply communicated God's grace.  It is this grace that will indeed keep you, redeem you, and make you brand new.

Loving Jesus becomes much easier when we love him the way he wants to be loved; giving honor and adoration; expressing trust; in obedience; and communicating with Him in such a way that we are able to apply exactly what He says right away in our lives.  Communicating with God the Father, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit is not hard or to ever be considered difficult, as a matter of fact before we call they know exactly what we will say yet they listen with a loving ear to every word we share with them.  Jesus never wanted talking to Him to be complicated for us but religion has made it seem that way, the minute we call he listens to hear what we have to share.  As he listens he selects strategies and solutions to give us to help us, all we need to do is give him a chance to speak to us.  As a loving Big Brother Jesus always want the best for us because when we have the best it pleases Him, delights His heart, and gives Him glory.

When two individuals have a personal relationship there is always a little 'rubbing off' that takes place between the two.  Of course the same thing always happen with Jesus, yet more so instead that it is his attitude, character, etc. which rubs off on us.  Being in a close relationship with Jesus you will automatically  want to emulate him by doing what he did and live as he lived so that you will please him as often as you can.  As Jesus lived in the express image of God we too are to live in his express image, which means that we must come to the place of knowing that as a Believer we too are Sons and Daughters of God.  With this knowledge we are to then be ones who handle situations that come our way as a Son of God in the authority that God has already given a solution for our victory.

As we reflect on the experiences Jesus had we know that there were many situations Jesus handled in humility and grace while expressing love, but we need not forget that our  brother Jesus was a very radical man when it came to his Father's business. Jesus rebuked and crushed a lot of man made traditions by being radical, when wrong was expressed he expelled it and stood for right.  When unfair judgment showed up he stood against it and demanded justice, where hatred ruled he destroyed it by presenting love, where fear troubled hearts he cast it out and introduced peace, and when demons attempted to carry on a conversation with him he shut them down and dismissed them.  Jesus' purpose of coming to earth had many facets which all benefits us, and one of them was to show us exactly how to live as a Son of God, taking on and living in the Truth of what God has Spoken over our Lives, therefore, existing with the determination to take on the Son-ship God has Designed for us to Live in.

Living like Jesus not only prepares us for any battle but positions us in the front of the battle with an already completed victory.  Living like Jesus gives us: 
-Preprogrammed minds for Victory!

-The boldness to face Satan knowingly that we will not have defeat! 

-The ability to Live in the Revelation that God's Will, will stand Victoriously!
(Explanation shared from the Morris Cerullo King James Bible)

The grace to live as a visible representation of God's glory also gives us the legal rights of knowing:

-That God has begotten us by his spirit.

-That God has birthed the life of Christ,
  the All-Powerful eternal Son of God within us.

-That the fullness of the God-head dwells within us.

-That he is transforming us into Christ's image by his Spirit.

-That we are joint-heirs with Jesus.

-That everything Christ's has also belongs to us.
(Explanation shared from the Morris Cerullo King James Bible)

The more we spend time in knowing Jesus our dear brother the less time we will spend pushing him away.  Emulating Jesus will become second nature to us, after all, the more we remember how Jesus controlled situations that came his way the more we will put what he has done in effect in our own lives. 

Jesus waits patiently on us to chat with him and commune with him throughout the day, as it is in these moments he is able to share his heart of experience with us.  We are blessed with an Elder Brother who would love to be involved in our day to give us proper guidance,  share creative solutions, and  to have fun with us because we know there is no joy like his joy.  Jesus does not like to be partially accepted by those who calls him Friend, Savior, Brother to become totally rejected in the way we treat him, for he is not only all knowing but he also feel how we treat him. 

For years we may of rejected him, blamed him, forgotten him, and even at times fussed him for things that has happened in our lives which had nothing to do with him.  Well we are now in the day of newness where we can compassionately look out for him through the way we love him, care for him and treat him by making a considerate effort to re-present him everyday, whenever, and wherever we may be.  It is greater than the love being shared between two people when we considerately take the time to share our love with our Elder Brother Jehovah Jesus.  **AMEN**

"A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly : and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." 
Proverbs 18:24

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." 
John 15:13

May 20, 2012  10:32am  
STOP! Don't Push Jesus Away  ©
Scripture Text - King James Version
Additional Ref - Morris Cerullo King James Bible

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