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There Is Life In It’s Water

This is the place where poor health diagnoses are rejected
and instead the People of God declare that they have been

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There Is Life In It’s Water


Have you ever had to take drip while visiting the emergency room at a doctor's office, clinic or the hospital?  For some reason just the fact that the bag of what seem to look like water has been okayed by your doctor which has been hooked up for you to take intravenously makes you feel better.  As the water runs through your veins your body seem to cool down, breathing becomes easier and pain begins to subside especially when it is infused with medication.  Some say that the drip is nothing more than sugar water because it makes you feel better right away and some are certain that the whole process of receiving the solution through the veins has a strong placebo effect but it is actually a saline solution of basically 0.9% sodium chloride mixed with sterile water. 


Well when it comes to 'life water' we have been naturally blessed with the best life sustaining water within the coconut which is basically grown in tropical areas.  Coconut Water have been intravenously used for decades during the years of World War II when men needed intravenous treatments for injuries or dehydration. 

The health benefits of this amazing water is known to help many ailments as it has the same electrolyte balance as human blood.  It is high in potassium, has a low acidity, it is fat and cholesterol free and contains several minerals including iron, calcium, and magnesium.

Coconut water also regulates the body temperature, provides hydration, raises the metabolism, cleanses the digestive tract, treat kidney and urethral stones, carry nutrients and oxygen to the cells, boosts poor circulation and has antiviral and detoxifying properties.


Amazingly, man has copied what God has already provided naturally, as he knew that humankind would need such a life sustaining liquid to help their bodies during the periods of ailments.  Thus, he formulated a compact source of water grown constantly around the world for the support of our health.  However, the secret of getting the best out of coconut water is choosing a young green coconut and drinking it right after it's been opened as you then receive the highest potency of it's healing benefits.

Next time you see coconut water being cut make sure it is cut in a manner of which the water won't be wasted because every drop of coconut water is a healing drop of life water.

In The Bahamas we not only drink the water of this great fruit, but we eat the meat of the coconut itself as it is a real tasty treat served by itself or added to recipes for various dishes.   We also use the shell of the coconut for amazing arts and crafts that make wonderful gifts. 

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