Saturday, 7 July 2012

Immediate Application Of Truth

Today's Gospel Truth ~ "He who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God." John 3:21

It's time to apply the practicality of the Word of God into our everyday lives, just as Jesus did before us.  God's word when read is for us to appropriate into any given situation we are facing.  There are times when God uses his word to remind us of a promise he has given us or to make us aware of something that is going on in our lives. 

Applying the word can be compared to praying for wisdom over a certain situation, what is the point of praying for wisdom and not applying the wisdom we've received?  The pages of God's word is filled with wisdom and as we read it the most effective thing we can do is apply it.  We must remember that as we go to God for his help for anything we need, he is our loving Father who will respond and when he does we can then implement what he has said so that we can have victory over sin. 

Many times even as believers there are things that enter our lives that hide away for years that only the word of God will reveal to us and heal us of, therefore, as we hear from God through his word it is in our best interest to apply what we have learned right away.

Indeed the intelligence of our God is far above what man can ever imagine yet God is very practical when it comes to us receiving his word.  In fact, God wants his word to us to be so easily received that when we come to things we may not understand we have the privilege of asking him to explain his word to us so that we will be increased with his knowledge.  This then help us to efficiently apply his Truth into our lives, as the immediate application of Truth always gives the best results.  Today we Praise God for his Amazing Word in our Lives that Corrects all Wrongs and Heals all Wounds.  **AMEN**

June 29, 2012  12:24pm 
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