Friday, 30 December 2011

A Prophetic Message

"Declarers of Fire"

Father said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega. All that you need will be found in Me from the beginning, the middle and to the end. I am about to move in the lives of My saints. When I come I will bring an eraser. I will erase the pain of rejection, of sorrow, of regret and disappointment.
"Instead I will take a pen and I will dip that pen in the Blood of My Son and I will write life where there has been death. I will write life where there has been lack. I will write life where there has been despair. I will write laugh, and I will laugh with My children and you will laugh with Me. We will laugh at My promises as we do them and watch them be performed together. You will speak them through My spirit and My spirit will empower them.  "You will watch Me come and part the Red Seas in your life. You will watch Me come and cause a wall of fire to come around you, to protect you, to bring you out from where you have been.
A Move of Declaration
"I am preparing a pillar and it will be unique, one like the world has never seen. It will be a pillar that will have an Open Heaven, for you are in a ground of Open Heaven," said the Lord. "I am about to open the Heavens even greater over you. You will come to be known as those who speak as they have heard, for your listening will be quickened by My Spirit. I am about to move and I will release upon this earth the gift of listening and the gift of speaking. Both unctioned by My spirit.
"There will be a move of declaration like this world has not seen. The reason the world has not seen this is because it will be the masses that will declare the amen to what My Spirit will birth. It will be My Spirit that will declare it. It will be My Spirit that will breathe into it. It will be My Spirit that will put an exclamation point of the fire of His unction.

"When this happens, you will stand back in awe. You will understand all of your struggles have been for not. You will come to understand the flesh profits nothing. You will laugh and you will laugh and you will laugh and you will laugh. You will gain strength after strength after strength after strength.
"You will run through My word and you will leap into high places in the Spirit with My word, and My word will come upon you and clothe you with a supernatural hope as you become the declarers of fire," says the Lord, your God.

Prophetic Message shared by Eileen Fisher of Elieen Fisher Ministries

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