Monday, 16 January 2012

Let's Pray

Father, I embrace the full intensity of relationship with You. You have made a way in Jesus and I take full advantage of it. I abandon all fear and doubt to jump, like a small child jumps into the water when His father is standing with arms outstretched. You will not leave me nor forsake me. Each time I jump into deeper depths You will be there to hold and sustain me no matter what things look like. I may not be able to see to the bottom of the water at times but I can see You and I am content.

I am walking through the doors of opportunity You have placed before me. My heart beats with anticipation at all the surprises ahead as I discover more and more about You and Your plans for me. My tent pegs of understanding are being expanded and the borders of revelation are enlarging. My wine skin is being regenerated on a daily basis to hold more new wine. Surely, the goodness and mercy of the Lord follows me. Thank You that this day  as I claim Your Word and Believe and Declare them in the name of Jesus You Will Perform them and thank You for Backing me with the Heavenly Host who is always ready to carry them out. Amen

Prayer shared from Journals of the Heart by Brenda Craig

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