Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Remembering Whitney Houston

⌣•ϞYou Matter ◄•Ϟ•⌣•

Are you aware of how much you matter to others?  Regardless of the negativity  or the opposition you may often receive, just the mere fact that God has placed you here on earth  means you matter.  Whether you realize it or not there is someone who either knows you personally or from a distance considers you and thinks about you.  Maybe a relative, an old school mate, a coworker, a present friend, or someone you've met briefly.  Ever since the introduction of the internet we have had the opportunity to meet people millions of miles away from us whom we now call friends and family.  Many of which we have had the privilege of developing  meaningful long term relationships with.  No matter which level of life you may feel that you live at there is someone to whom your life matters to now and forever.  For this reason we must remain mindful of the decisions we make not only in dealing with others but the decisions we make for ourselves.  As long as we live we are responsible for more than what meet the eyes,  knowingly and unknowingly.  Should we stop to let a stranger cross the road it is then our responsibility to make sure that person is out of harms way before we take off again.  If we are assigned to report for duty at any given post it is then our responsibility to make sure our tasks are carried out because there are others depending on us which shows their need for us. 

Often times in our efforts of adjusting, fixing, and trying to just get it right to make life work we become heavy laden and distracted from the true reason as to why we are here on planet earth.  It is indeed the plan of the enemy for us to become distraught and broken so that we will give up on the greatest gift ever given, life.  As difficult as it may seem for us at various times in our lives when we are at our lowest we are watched even closer to see how we will step out of that particular hardship.  While it all seem dandy when the sails are up, friends are around, and the ship is floating beautifully but when the sails become torn and pulled down you are left to mend them all alone.  It would seem like this truth only comes from one's personal experience but when we do find ourselves all alone it is at that time we can build our relationship with the greatest, Conqueror, Defender, and Protector ever known to man to pull us through.  As it is God our Father who never want to see us fail no matter our circumstances.  After all it is he who has placed within us the ability to overcome every trial.

When the news of Whitney's death landed within my air waves it brought a heavy sadness because of what she carried.  It would seem as if she was sent to earth with a precious gift of sound which effected the hearts of mankind everywhere.  The beauty of her voice which ushered in love, peace, and so much more had the ability to connect with others in the most fascinating way.  This ability also made her seem close to people everywhere, if it wasn't for her voice many people today would not have known Whitney or have had the pleasure to relate to her through the songs she sang.  The voice of one so lovely which carried a sound so grand became important to many, thus her life also became special to many.  Whitney's news has left many to wonder why and wishing that that moment could have been lived differently, but the power to change the past we do not have yet we are blessed with the ability to use which took place in the past as lessons to educate us for the future. 

The sad news of Whitney's demise effected some so greatly that it took them days to leave dark depression, it made it easier for some to become angry with what was happening to them and cast blame on others, etc.  Many times in our own little circles it may not be who we are but it is always about what we do and how we do it.  We must remember that our decisions effect change somewhere else in the world as we are all connected together in some way for a greater purpose.  The very mere fact that we are all alive at this time, in this season during this century it means that we can all be Agents of Change for God's Glory.

Whitney's life will never be forgotten and her resounding voice always be remembered as she carried a sound that had the amazing ability to speak to the hearts of people everywhere, and the ability to warmly change atmospheres with a refreshing feeling of love which lighted the air waves. 
As we remember Whitney we can be sure to remember everyday that we matter, and what we do and how we handle situations often times matter even more to others.  As many may not know us personally it does not mean they are not watching what we do as Believers in the Kingdom of God.  Today and Always We Will  Remember Whitney Houston, a Lady of our 21st Century.

February 21,  2012   3:38pm
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Scripture Text - King James Version

⌣•Ϟ► We Love You Whitney ◄•Ϟ•⌣•

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